What makes this bot special?

Honestly, nothing really. I just wanted to learn Discord’s API as well as how to make a bot. The COVID-19 quarantine makes us do lots of stuff. I would like this bot (or at least its core) to be as lightweight as possible. For that, I’ll try using the least dependencies possible to make everything work. Currently, the only dependency is Discord.js (obviously). Archiver is listed in the dev dependencies because I use it to zip my releases.

However, since I’m making a bot, might as well go all in. Here are some of the features I want the bot to have at some point:

What features does it have?

* Currently broken, see below.

How to install



  1. Unzip the file in the directory where you want to run the bot.
  2. Create a copy of config.example.js and rename it to config.js, then edit it how you want :
       prefix: "!", // You can change the prefix to whatever you want
       token: "Your-Bot-Token"
  3. Optionally, customize custom.js to your likings too.
  4. Open a terminal with admin/sudo rights and navigate to the bot’s folder.
  5. Install the dependencies by running npm install --production.
  6. Start the bot in one of two ways:
    1. (Windows only) Double-click the bundled executable batch file.
    2. Run npm start in a terminal.

List of current commands


Usage: about

About the bot.


Usage: help [command]

Outputs a list of all command or information about the specified command.


Usage: nickname <nickname | clear>

Changes or clears the bot’s nickname.


Usage: ping

Outputs the bot’s latency to Discord’s servers.

Reaction Role

Usage: reactionrole

Creates a message with an embed using the specified settings in reactionrole.json.

Known bug: The reaction role doesn’t work after the bot shuts down. For now, you will need to recreate a reaction role each time you restart the bot. Which loses the reaction numbers. I am working on this.


Usage: reload

Reloads commands and customization.


Usage: support

Links to this website as well as the issue form on GitHub.